The cloud driving business transformation

The cloud industry is driving innovation and industrialization at an unprecedented pace. Companies can now access an increasing number of on-demand IT services over the internet, giving businesses the scalability, security and speed they need to accelerate and innovate. To foster this growth and innovation, and to create jobs and added value, it is crucial to avoid vendor lock-in and market consolidation.


Keeping the cloud open

It is vital to keep the cloud open to provide space for new players to propel innovation to everyone’s benefit, and to ensure customers can switch providers easily. To drive the success of their business, users must be free to adopt a multi-cloud approach, employing a combination of providers and linking both their cloud and on-premise services. While regulation is part of the answer, it’s also key to manage this challenge practically through industry and stakeholder collaboration.

Open Cloud

Key requirements for an open cloud

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Ability to migrate to and away from a cloud provider.

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Freedom to move among cloud providers and integrate cloud with legacy.

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Data Protection

Full transparency on data location and associated regulations including provider-specific regulation.

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Ensure customer retains ownership of any added value created on any cloud services (e.g. AI algorithms).


The Open Cloud Foundation will allow the cloud to stay open through :

Technological standards: promoting existing standards and establishing new ones where necessary. Collaboration between government, public agencies and regulatory bodies when new regulations are created. Recognition for providers who comply with key requirements of the Open Cloud Foundation.

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