Membership form

The main objective of the not for profit Association is to develop the understanding of and promote an open cloud computing ecosystem in all its dimensions.

The Association shall carry out acts, take steps and commit to all activities that are deemed appropriate or useful in view of achieving its main objective. This includes, among other things:

(a) the mapping, selection and promotion of technical standards; and
(b) the identification of use cases; and
(c) an implementation observatory of recommendations developed in the Association; and
(d) the support and engagement with various stakeholders within cloud value chain

Membership fees

The members of the Association shall share the expenses of the Association by way of each member paying an annual subscription fee set by the General Assembly upon a proposal submitted by the Board of Directors. When proposing the annual subscription fee, the Board of Directors will consider the relative worldwide turnover of each member and its corporate group. For 2018, the fees are set as follows.